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Your thoughts on braid

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Your thoughts on braid

Postby Scizz » Thu Jun 24, 2010 6:25 pm

Gday NCFers

Just took possesion of a spool of the new Fireline Braid,also I am hanging for the arrival of a couple of spools of Suffix Performance Braid I purchased off eBay to try and as it is a common question on fishing forums I thought I would start a thread so fisho's who use braid can post their thoughts and experiences with the different brands and types on the market,not only will it be interesting to see what every one likes or disslikes but it will give the newcomers to braid a good idea of whats hot and whats not.
I will get the ball rolling by rattling off what i have used and the pro's and con's of each,one thing I am not going to mention is knot strength as I dont find it to be an issue with the line i use once you get your knots down pat.

I will start by saying that I have tried 5 different brands of cheap eBay braid and they were all crap,none even come close to name brands,so my advice is to steer clear of it.


Crystal or Original

Pro's = affordable,reliable,breaks above its rating,thin,very smooth

Con's = as it is a fused line not a true braid so it is a bit stiff when new especialy over 8 lb,fluffs up after prolonged use but this can be minimized if only used wet eg; using blades or plastics,i wouldnt recommend it for constant surface fishing as it tends to fluff very quickly unless you dunk the rod tip every couple of casts to keep it wet,not overly good on casting reels but not too bad.

I use this and Stren Microfuse on all my light spinning outfits apart from my "surface only' set ups and It has never let me down,just make sure you give it a rinse after use and it will last longer without fluffing.

Fireline XDS

Pro's = affordable if you can find it,very hard wearing,I use this on a couple of my casting reels which are used in both fresh and salt and XDS lasts like no other very tough stuff,it is round and supple so it is good for casting reels,doesnt fluff,fairly thin.

Con's = The only bad thing I can say about XDS is that it is a little noisy across the guides,apart from that I would recommend this line to casting reel enthusiasts,bloody good stuff.

New Fireline Braid

As I havnt put it on a reel to try yet I will just say what I know so far,firstly is is very thin,I have the 30lb and it is roughly the same diameter as 15 lb fireline crystal,being an 8 strand braid it is very smooth and supple,apart from being way smoother it is alot like the fireline XDS lets hope it is as hard wearing,I will let you know how it goes once I have used it for a while but at this stage I like it very much indeed.

Stren Microfuse

This line is almost exactly the same as Fireline crystal,as it is also a fused line so it is very smooth but will fluff eventualy,having said that it seems to hold on a little longer than fireline before fluffing up,when it comes to re-spooling my 2,3,4 or 6 lb blade or plastic outfits I use this or Fireline Crystal whichever I can find cheaper at the time.


Seabass {green}

Pro's = very thin,very hard wearing,supple so it is good on both casting and spinning reels,great in fresh and salt water,seems to break over its rated breaking strain.

Con's = apart from being a little noisey the only bad thing is the price,it is over twice the price of Fireline XDS but apart from being thinner it is on par with the XDS,still it is a very good line.

Varivas Seabass Max Power 8 strand

Pro's = this is the thinnest line I have ever used and still seems to break over its rating {P.E 1.5 is 20 lb} 20lb is about the same diameter as 6lb fireline and it is super smooth, the smoothest true braid I have ever used by a long shot.

Con's = being as thin as it is you lose abrasion resistance and believe it or not it is too supple for a casting reel,it wants to hang on to the spool and grabs just after you release the lure which usually ends with the lure flying off into the distance,having said that it is great on a spinning reel ,the biggest con is the price $120 for a 150 yd spool,if I hadnt been sent a spool by mistake i wouldnt use it at that price.

Varivas Mebaru Light Game

Pro's = this is the best ultra thin line I have found,it only comes in 5 and 6 lb,I have the 6lb and it is thinner than 2lb fireline,it is fairly hard wearing,I have had it on my Luvias 1003 for over 12 months,this is the reel i use for surface fishing for whiting and bream and last time I used it was the first time I had to pull 15m of line off because it was worn out ,normally I would go through a couple of spools of 2 or 3 lb crystal in that time.

Con's = as with Varivas lines it is expensive,100yds is around $80 but as with all the lines you can get it cheaper on eBay,another con is that Mebaru is so thin it can be difficult to manage especialy if you get a wind knot and at that price you dont like losing any.

This is the only so called "super line" that i would gladly pay the big bickies they are asking for it.

Fins PRT

Pro's = very very tough,this stuff seems to last forever,good abrasion resistance,fairly thin and fairly cheap,it is also supple and is very good on casting reels,fresh or salt.

Con's = the only bad thing about Fins is that it is very noisey throught the guides but it is hard to go past for you heavier applications,I use it on my snapper and barra gear.

well thats about it,that took way longer than i thought it was going to ::)) :think: :oops: :oops: .

there are a few popular lines that i havnt tried besause I have heard both good and bad reports eg; Castaway,Super PE,Basshard and Unitika so if anyone has used these or any others I havnt mentioned it would be good to hear what you thought about them,also when i get the Suffix Performance Braid I will put up a post but as it is one of the most popular braids in the U.S I am confident it will be good.

signing off
Live every day as if it were your last.!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Your thoughts on braid

Postby Archer » Thu Jun 24, 2010 7:02 pm

Im no going into as much detail as scrote did but ill throw a few thoughts down.... ::)) ::))

Sunline Castaway PE:
Im using this in 20lb for snapper, jew, light barra work and Bass yes you read that right 20lb for Bass we breed them strong in the upper richmond and anything less has you stictched up in under 10 seconds! <:
Great line very happy with it indeed had it for almost 2 years crazy thin does break at 20lb which is fine in my books.

Sunline Super PE:
Err not great had it for a hwile seems to grab the guides alot wind knots and a real s**t to tie knots in...Casts great and again very thin

Berkly? Whiplash:
Great line use this on my barra outfits and the heavy snapper rod in varying sizes 20-50lb. Been very happy with it thus far few people dont like it due to it being fairly thin and a flat line not round but i cant say ive had any issues with it.

Scrotes pretty much covered the rest of the lines ive tried so as above for them! <: ^^:)
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Re: Your thoughts on braid

Postby corby » Thu Jun 24, 2010 10:14 pm

Have to dissagree with you Mr Archer,
Sunline PE is the ducks you know what, have been using it for abour 2 years and never had any probs with it. It does'nt luff up, tie's well and casts well. Ive pulled bream in the mid 30's fl, out of the racks at foster on a locked drag and thats on 6lb. this stuff seems to last forever, ive had 1 spool that i have had for over2 years and still cant faul it.

Also i have just started using chrystal fireline, i like it but is stiffer than what im used to.

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Re: Your thoughts on braid

Postby Scizz » Fri Jun 25, 2010 1:19 am

can you tell I was a bit bored Joe ? ^^:) ^^:) ^^:) <:
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Re: Your thoughts on braid

Postby Feral » Sat Jun 26, 2010 6:27 am

Fireline - good replacement for No8 Fencing wire for the home handyman and thats about it. Possible use as dental floss if you can find it under 6lb, stronger than that and you would need to be Chad Morgan for it to fit between your teeth.

Ananconda brand - not bad, but thick for size, unless on special - very expensive, when on special - just expensive!. Nice and limp casts well.

Spiderwire stealth - my favourite, good thin braid, nice and limp, casts well.

Ebay no name braids - hit and miss. I've had some good ones, I've had some crook ones. Good for getting kids in to braid as it is cheap as chips. Stick to ones that quote actual line thickness instead of "equivilent of xxlb mono line" (which is what you should do for all braids)

Platypus, nice enough braid, way to expensive. Definitely have delusions of grandeur this mob!

Sunline, only got it on one reel I was given, works, not overly fussed on it. Looks to sit on the reel funny, but never given me a problem. Could just be because it is 30lb line.

Ebay brand name line from the states - best value for money going, usually you can land it on your door step direct from the states for under $100 for 1500m spools, you would be nuts to be buying braid in Australia. Scrote stick to the brand name stuff!

Berkley whiplash - got a spool of 4lb from the states for my bream reel, but when I measured the thickness of it it was the same thickness as my spiderwire stealth 10lb, (the whiplash was 0.04mm thicker than the stated size of 0.10mm, when I measured it, it averaged 0.14mm) so I didn't bother changing the line, its sitting in the back of the tackle cupboard. Probably put it on one of the kids reels one day. Looks very similar tot he ananconda line, same colour, same texture, same feel, same oversize thickness :biggrin: .
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Re: Your thoughts on braid

Postby Archer » Sat Jun 26, 2010 8:28 am

scrote wrote:can you tell I was a bit bored Joe ? ^^:) ^^:) ^^:) <:

Bit bored i figured it must have been raining and blowing 35knots from the south... ^^:) ::))
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