Thursday, June 17, 2021

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Freebies,to kick things off I’m giving away a free 17 compartment tray with lure orders over $100


Gold and silver chromies
56mm 14g
$10 for 4,limited stock
Team Daiwa ADES 100% fluoro carbon line. 100m spools SALE
Stock almost gone only have 3lb,4lb,5lb,8lb,12lb,16lb and only a couple of each so first in best dressed.
$10 per spool  


55mm 11g floating crank 8-10ft
$7.50 each or 4 for $26
VMC hooks

65mm 5.6g suspending jerkbait 4-5ft vmc hooks
 VMC hooks
great for Bream,Bass,Flathead,Yellowbelly etc etc
$7.50 each or 4 for $26
40mm 3g sinking minnow
$6 each or 4 for $22
VMC hooks
60mm 10g Lipless cranks
$6 each or 4 for $22
VMC hooks
Scizz Blades
50mm 7g 
10 blades for $55,supplied with double hooks but no clip.normally they will be $60 for 10 but with no clips they are $55
I also make a 60mm blade but they are still in production.
These blades work very well in deeper water for Bream,Bass,Jew,Yellows etc etc,and being a minnow shape they are a blade style the fish rarely see.
Most of the blade colours are as the pictures show apart from the gold with red belly which has a purple dusting on the top that
that doesn’t show in pics,the orange in the middle on the left has a lime green dusting on the top (lime tiger) and the
white has a little pink tail.
56mm Cranks 14g 8-10ft
VMC salt water trebles
$7 each or 4 for $24
60mm 6.4g 2.0m Deep diving Jerkbait
VMC Trebles
Bream,Bass,Flathead,Yella’s etc etc
$6.50 each or set of 4 colours for $22
even though the pictures dont show it these are translucent.
42mm 1/4(7g) Blades
VMC Hooks
These will work on just about any species
$6.50 each or set of 4 colours $22


11+1 bearing salt water Spinning Reels,size 1000 and 2000.unbranded
Very smooth carbontex style drag system.
11 quality stainless bearings (2 spool,2 knob,3 spindle,2 side,1 roller,1 oscilation gear) plus instant anti reverse bearing.
Machined aluminium spool and handle.
12 month warranty.
etc etc  
I am very impressed with these reels for the price,you would go a long way to find a smoother and tougher reel for the same money.
Plus they look pretty good as well ,I have pulled them down and they are made of quality materials that are put together very well.
I don’t have these in stock at the moment but I am placing orders as people want them,takes 7-10 days to arrive.
I also have permission from the manufacturer to do a pre-sale service on the reels without voiding the 12 month warranty,I offer this
service for free,that way you know you are getting a well oiled/greased and pre checked reel that will last.
normally $110 shipped and pre-sale serviced but due to the wait they are $95 shipped and serviced for a short time.
Shipping I offer 4 different shipping methods1.Standard parcel post,starting at $7.50 but I can send a fair bit of stuff for that,
if you chose this method I take no responsibility for lost or broken items,saying that I have never had anything lost or broken using this
shipping method.2.Registered Parcel post with tracking and insurance,starts at $13 but you are covered.
3.Express 500g bag with tracking,$10.4.If an item is small enough I can send it as a large letter for $3 but there is no cover for lost or broken items
so i take no responsibility if you choose this method. contact me for exact shipping cost. cheersScott 0402674182

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